​​​​​​​​​It is FREE and easy to sign up to receive


That may Effect Nevada County 

The New System Notifies Residents of Nevada County

By Telephone and/or Computer

​Voice Calls, Text Messages and / or E-Mail


(3) Easy Options ​to signup to receive Severe Weather Notices

(Option #1) If you have an e-mail address go to


and follow the on screen instructions.

(Your Physical Address is Required to Receive ALL Notices)


(Option #2) If you don't have an e-mail address

Please call the Nevada County 911 Office

at (870) 887-4911 or my Cell Phone at (501) 944-3853

If no answer, Please leave your name and number.

We will return your call.


(Option #3) Fill out and submit the form below to receive Emergencies Notifications about verious threats that may effect your neighborhood.


NEVADA COUNTY RESIDENTS are encouraged to sign up

ALL of your Landline and Cell Phones Numbers.

-------------------------------------------------------STAY INFORMED and be prepared encase severe weather strikes.

February 2015     

​    To use Option #3


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Has a new Severe Weather Warning System

This Service keeps you informed of Threatening Weather, Missing Persons,

Train Derailments, Pipeline Explosions and many other threatening conditions.


Weather Watches and Warnings comes directly from the US Weather Bureau.

​Most other need to know information comes from

Nevada Counties Emergency Operation Personal.