Electric Companies Service Areas are shown on the digital map. Blue is Entergy, Brown is South Central Electric and the Red is Ouachita Electric.

The Digital map for Nevada County, Arkansas was drawn by the Nevada County 911 Staff. Every public passageway in Nevada County was driven and placed on the map using satellite data. Each public passageway has a possible (200) addresses per (1) mile of distance. All addresses on the right side will have an even number while the left side has an uneven number. Addresses on passageways that have a general north / south direction and are located south of US Hwy 67 will have the small address on the north end and it will be (100). All passageways located north of US Hwy 67 will have the small address on the south end. Passageways that run in a general west to east direction will have the small address on the west end. Address on US and State Hwy's that cross the Hempstead /Nevada County line will start with Hempstead Counties, county line address.

All approved Helicopter Landing Sites, Fire Stations and Emergency Shelters  are shown on our digital map.

Nevada Counties 911 Digital Map displays all of the public water systems main distribution lines, it also has all fire hydrants. This helps the Fire Departments locate hydrants in rural Nevada County.

Postal Zip Code Areas are outlined on the map as well as the no postal service areas those are shown in light blue.


Speaker's Statement at Presentation

  Dale Booker, Mayor of Emmet, Ark and E-911 Director of Nevada County, received one of three individual Excellence awards presented to state leaders at the 2009 Arkansas GIS User Forum Conference in Eureka Springs on October 30, 2009. Under Booker's leadership, Nevada County was one of the first to complete its road centerline files in 2003. That file and every update         maintenance file have been accurate and fully compliant with the Arkansas Centerline Files (ACF) standards. Booker's work ethic and attention to details is seen in the quality of the data he produces. His easygoing, hardworking style underlies daily public service. "This stuff isn't rocket science," Said Booker of GIS work." You just have to roll up your sleeves and get it done."  Booker's persistent efforts and success with mapping Nevada County makes him more than deserving of a distinguished service award and the respect of the GIS community.

Nevada County, Arkansas

Digital Map with Point Addressing

The information on this map has helped expedite the location of emergency. It has  repeatedly reduced the responce time. 

This is one of the better tools that Nevada Counties Emergency Responders has

Nevada Counties 911 Digital map has point addressing. The clip below is a small segment of one road showing homes, deer camps, mobile  home's, churches and the red circled X's indicates an address where the  structure is no longer there.  ALL ADDRESSES in NEVADA COUNTY are shown on our Digital Map. This map is used in the Nevada County 911 Dispatch that is located in the Sheriff's Department. All law enforcement and emergency medical vehicles has access to this map.

Nevada Counties​Award Winning

Digital Map

Telephone Company Service areas are also shown on the map. CenturyLink 887, 871   and Southwest Bell 533, 685, 693, 695, 768,786, 899


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